Monday, 21 October 2013

Link Building is process by which we increase the backlinks to our site and thus increase the ranking of our site in search engine but the backlinks we get are not of same priority as the backlink we get from the relevant site gets us more ranking than the irrelevant one. It is one of the major techniques of Seo.
Off-page techniques are used to do this which are as follows:-
Directory submission:- The directory submission is the technique in which we submit our site's URL on the web directory with some other information or details. The advantages of directory submission are it improves the link popularity of our site, it indexes in search engine fast, it improves our site's visibility on the internet and many more.
Social bookmarking:- Social bookmarking is a technique in which we provide our site's URL with some information on social bookmarking sites or social media site. Advantages are we get quick backlinks, more traffic, rapid indexing, it goes viral from people to people.
Blog posting:- Blog posting is a techniques by which we create blogs of 300-500 words and post it on different blog posting sites on regular basis with a URL in it to your site. Advantages of blog posting are more indexed pages, social sharing and many more.
Article submission:-In this technique we create articles of 500-700 words and submit it on article submission sites. Its advantages are link popularity, great way to become expert in your field,and better page ranking. It is a great link building technique.
Blog commenting:- In this technique we search blog on our relevant topic and then comment on that blog. We can also provide URL of our site in it but the comments should be attractive so that readers like it and click on the Url provided given and also share your views with others.
Forum posting:- It is a process in which discuss, it nothing but to do conversation with others. We share our views, problems, questions and share our knowledge with others in form of threads. Its advantages are creating backlinks, having traffic, they are always cached by search engine.
In the end,Link Building is an important way of seo to get traffic to our site and it is always recommended to practice these techniques from relevant sites as it is more beneficial for our site to get our site ranked higher in the search engine.